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Are all accounts free and what is the difference between them?
Yes, all accounts are free without annual fees, including those dedicated to e-commerce and freelance, according to features and functions.
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Can I pay online using my account ?
Yes, it is possible to pay on the sites using the private account or via e-mail or phone number and QR code.
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How to Create New Account ?

Identity & Address Verification ?

You can confirm your identity and address via our website or from mobile application. Log in to your account, then press the Verification identity button, verification address, or commercial registration depending on the type of account.

Deposit & Withdraw Money

You can recharge your account via recharges or gift cards in addition you can deposit from your bank or postal account, as well as credit cards or paypal depending on your country location, and your can be withdraw via the bank or postal account and cards or paypal.

Pay & Receive Money

You can receive or make payments via websites, via your email address, phone number, or by scanning QR code.

How to Create Online stores ?

You can create an online store via the site. Log in to your account and click on the e-commerce button. Click on Create my online store.

How to use the affilate marketing ?

Share your link with your friends and family members to register as you will get a commission from every transaction they make.

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